Leydon Lettings

Leydon Lettings has let student accommodation in shared student houses in Canterbury since 1987. One of the longest running, modern thinking, letting agents in Canterbury, dedicated primarily to student lets in canterbury, renting houses to students for a quarter of a century! As a Specialist, letting student accommodation within residential communities, we provide a mixture of properties managed by Leydon Letting Agents which includes those provided by the agency owner (Bob Leydon of Leydon Lettings) and various other landlord clients.

The owner's properties are renovated to include state of the art amenities and electrical, phone and data connections. Most properties feature (with few exceptions): en suites, double beds and double kitchens. Landlord clients are encouraged and assisted to follow suit. Tenants enjoy these features, together with the support of same day maintenance. Who we are. is defined not by what we say, but by what we do, and how well we do it.