Davidson Estates

After finishing a bachelors degree at The University of Lancaster in 2006, Founder Ben Davidson began investing into property and sourcing land for clients. This was back when you didn’t need any money to buy property, and there were mortgage products offering 100% lending and 24hr re-finance based on expected increased valuations.

This meant you didn’t need a deposit to buy property and 24hrs later you would be paid for the privilege through perceived equity growth. It was far too easy to buy property back then but you still needed to stick to your buying strategy in case the bubble burst.

Which is exactly what happened in 2007. The recession hit and all 100% mortgage products were no longer available and you could not remortgage for 6 months. Therefore there had to be a change for Ben and in late 2008, Davidson Estates was formed. It was to start as a lettings agency and to grow from there.