Bee Lettings

Bee Lettings provide a one stop management service for all your lettings needs, with a twist that helps us retain the best tenants and assures we rent out the best properties.

As landlords spanning over 12 years and experienced property managers for over 4 years managing large portfolios, our team has the experience to deal with every eventuality and the creativity to design a company that suits the needs of the tenant and the requirements of the landlord.

We work with landlords to ensure that their properties are as good as they can and to attract tenants that want to make it their home. Every landlords goal is to prevent void periods! Bee Lettings incentivise their tenants to ensure we get long term, quality tenants that look after the properties they rent. We also allow landlords to choose how they pay for the management of their properties in a method that suits them? At Bee Lettings, we strive to differentiate ourselves from the rest.